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Trepanier MacGillis Battina P.A. 8000 Flour Exchange Building 310 Fourth Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55415 612.455.0500

Severance Agreements

Whether you are an employer or employee, consult with the Minnesota employment law attorneys of Trepanier MacGillis Battina P.A. to understand your options regarding severance and separation agreements.

With extensive experience in drafting and negotiating severance agreements, TMB can maximize the likelihood that a finalized severance agreement will end the employment relationship smoothly and avoid surprises.

Employers typically offer an employment severance package under the following circumstances:

  • the employer has adopted a formal severance pay plan
  • a collective bargaining agreement entitles the employee to severance pay
  • the employer desires a release of legal claims from the employee
  • severance pay was agreed to as a part of an employment contract
  • the employee negotiated for severance pay

TMB routinely assists employees in the separation agreement context by:

  • helping the employee understand a proposed separation agreement
  • suggesting appropriate revisions to a draft separation agreement
  • identifying potential legal claims that the employee may not wish to release
  • avoiding the inadvertent release of earned compensation, commissions, bonuses, etc.
  • negotiating for increased severance payments or benefits
  • helping the employee obtain a positive reference letter
  • minimizing the risk of disparagement by the former employer
  • analyzing post-employment non-competition and non-solicitation obligations
  • developing a strategy to obtain a partial or complete waiver of non-compete obligations
  • negotiating directly with the former employer or its legal counsel

The Minnesota employment attorneys of TMB routinely represent individuals including high level executives and professionals during times of career transition, such as when receiving a severance agreement. Our experience representing both corporations and individuals provides us with the credibility to advocate effectively for you.

For employers, TMB helps ensure that employment separation agreements are drafted appropriately and lawfully to obtain an enforceable release of claims from the affected employee.

We would welcome the opportunity to work with you in drafting, negotiating, or reviewing your severance agreement.